When disaster strikes and people are in need, we all work together to enhance the emergency response and get much-needed items to vulnerable communities. FreightCenter is uniquely positioned with shipping and logistics resources to respond and help get these essential supplies to affected areas.

FreightCenter can plan, manage and execute shipping services for bulk supplies;  we can also help your business or organization move products away from danger zones, as in the event of an evacuation.  Our agents are ready and dedicated to assisting with all relief effort shipments that need priority attention. Some of these essential items include food, water, batteries, flashlights, generators, personal care items, temporary shelters & tents, and more. 

Have items to ship for relief? 

  • Contact us via dedicated phone at 844-210-7447 or simply provide your contact info. in the form on the right and one of our shipping task force team members will be in touch. 
  • They can answer your questions, offer preparedness and supply chain management suggestions, and broker transport services according to your needs.